How it works

Find out how the Forest of One works

Step 1
Plant a new tree

The first thing you need to do is to plant a tree. To do this you need three things, a tree, some basic gardening tools, somewhere to legally plant. Click below to read our guide to planting and preferred species.

How to choose & plant your tree
How to plant your tree

Step 2
Take measurements

Once your tree is planted you need to record the circumference, height and ideally take a picture of it, this information is known as an observation and helps us track how much CO2 the tree is absorbing.

How to make an observation
How to add observations

Step 3
Add the tree to the forest

You can now add the tree to the forest. If you haven't signed up go here to register.

How to add the tree

Just go to Dashboard when you're logged in and follow the instructions. It's easier to add if you're stood next to the tree as we can automatically document the tree's location that way.

Step 4
Welcome to the forest!

Once the tree has been added along with the first observation it will be allocated a place in the forest.

Your tree will now be contributing to the CO2 figures for the entire forest, these numbers update daily and will estimate how much CO2 your tree is absorbing as it grows.

The more observations you make the more accurate our software will be at calculating its contribution, so please try to observe your tree as many times as possible!