About The Forest of One

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What is the Forest of One?

It's a project to create a new forest made up of individual trees planted across the UK. Anybody can get involved and add a new tree. Every tree will be tracked and its contribution will be continually calculated by our software.

Why are we doing this?

The UK needs to plant more forests for many reasons, climate change is clearly the most immediate reason but there are lots more. Over a 100 year period a tree can absorb one tonne of CO2, so if this project results in only 10 more trees planted it's been worth it.

The benefits of trees

Trees are crucial to the earth and to humans and are something to be treasured by us all. They give us oxygen to breathe, and store carbon which would otherwise contribute to climate change. As if that wasn’t reason enough to see them as a critical part of the landscape, trees have so many other benefits too.

Trees help in flood prevention and soil erosion, cool local climates by reflecting the sun’s heat upwards, and act as a physical barrier against dust and atmospheric pollutants which we would otherwise breathe in. Exposure to trees and green spaces has been shown to have a positive impact on human well-being and mental health, proven to reduce blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate. Furthermore, trees are part of intricate ecosystems, supporting wildlife the world over; it is estimated by the Woodland Trust that an ancient oak, for example, supports 2300 different species, 326 of which depend entirely on the oak for survival.

What can I do?

Whilst it doesn’t provide all the answers to the climate change crisis and there is still an urgent need to reduce human C02 emissions, the Crowther Lab in Switzerland stated in its 2019 report that forest restoration “isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one”.

The UK Committee on Climate Change says that the UK needs to be planting 30,000 hectares annually to meet its target, yet in the year to 2019, only 13,000 were planted of which 11,000 were in Scotland! So, what can we do about this woeful record in England and Wales?

Planting a tree is something that anyone can do, to have a positive impact on the earth. Individually, in our gardens and communities, there are only so many trees we can plant, but just imagine what we can do collectively. John Tucker, director of outreach at the Woodland Trust has put it simply “One individual tree might not make a difference but if 10m people put one tree in, that would.”

The answer is here; we need to work together to meet the challenge. We’re on a mission to plant a new forest; a forest that will remove thousands of tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere every year. A huge forest, one tree at a time. The Forest of One… Join us!