The Forest Of One Project

We're on a mission to plant a brand new forest in the UK... one tree at a time... join us!

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Why do we need another forest?
Lots of reasons, but mainly...
Climate change is happening...

It's no longer a case of believing or not believing the science, we can see the climate changing before our eyes.

Some will never accept this is a problem of our making, there's no longer time to convince them.

It's now a simple choice, do the rest of us try to mitigate what's coming or just carry on and hope for the best?

What can we do?

It's going to take a global effort and it's going to be focused on generating less CO2 and removing as much of it out of the atmosphere as we can.

Generating less CO2 is easy, fly less, drive less, buy and own less. Only buy from companies who are doing their bit.

Taking it out of the atmosphere is more difficult but we already have the complex machinery to do it all around us thanks to nature.

Trees can help us turn the tide...

Nature has already evolved its own solution to taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

Trees take CO2 and extract the carbon to turn it into wood, the result of this is oxygen, I know people think dogs are our best friends, but you show me a dog that can do that.

They can't solve it alone but they'll get us closer to where we need to be.

The Forest Now
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The Latest Trees

Magical Uzahr The Youthful

Species: Plum

Planted by: Kathryn Greenhalgh

Location - 52.786048343454, -2.0763173606266

Rambling Onarick The Strong

Species: Other

Planted by: Gavin

Location - 52.7854639, -2.0618228

Mischievous Staprix The Kind

Species: Cherry (Sour)

Planted by: Gavin

Location - 52.7855215, -2.0619529

Precious Qragast The Fierce

Species: Apple

Planted by: Gavin

Location - 52.785641, -2.0619829

Precious Vrerune The Fervent

Species: Apple

Planted by: Roger

Location - 52.81108, -2.120198